Musicians' hearing, key facts


Hearing is a basic tool for musicians. It’s also fragile and at risk of being damaged by what musicians do – producing sounds, often loud sounds.

Research shows that musicians suffer noise-induced hearing loss more than the general population. What’s more, noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable but, once it has happened it is completely irreversible.

The effect of hearing loss for a musician can be a profound and sensitive issue, and we are here to help you prevent it, or to cope with it should it happen.

Below, you can find comprehensive information on hearing and how to protect it. We are #HearForMusicians.

The NHS Choices website also has excellent information on hearing loss in general.


Main types of hearing impairment

There are many different types of hearing loss.  We have explained the symptoms and medical terms to help you.

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What causes hearing loss?

Hearing loss occurs when signals about sound fail to reach the brain.  There are two basic types of hearing loss.

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Understanding tinnitus

Building a career as a performer takes years of training, hard work and dedication, all of which can be compromised by this condition.

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top tips to look after your hearing health

Have regular hearing tests, know your safe exposure times, always wear protection. 

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