Survey results

The sample of 693 musicians were mostly between the age of 25-34 years old, with decreasing numbers of older musicians responding. Over 75% of the sample had been practising for more than 5 years, with some reporting over 30 years. Most were orchestral or instrumental musicians, but there were also a good number of singers/singer-songwriters, teachers, band or ‘session’ musicians and some composers. Most played orchestral instruments, the piano, or were singers. Finally, the vast majority were based in the SE of England, including London.

Have you experienced hearing loss?

What factors do you feel have contributed to your hearing loss?

Do you believe you have experienced hearing loss predominantly as a result of your work as a musician?

Have you sought professional help for your hearing loss?

Have you had a hearing test in the last three years?

How regularly do you have a hearing test?

For those who hadn't had a hearing test, when asked 'why not?' they said*:

  • I don't want my hearing loss confirmed - 9%
  • I don't know where to go for a hearing test - 29%
  • My professional reputation could be at risk if it was known that I needed a hearing test - 5%
  • I am concerned that a hearing test may lead to hearing aids or other solutions - 10%
  • I haven't experienced hearing loss - 48%
  • I haven't been able to get a referral - 3%
  • Other - 26%

*select as many as applicable

Have you used hearing protection?

Why you have not used hearing protection*?

  • I don't need to use hearing protection - 52%
  • I don't know what the solutions are - 14%
  • The options are too expensive - 9%
  • The options have a negative impact on my playing - 22%
  • Nobody was able to advise me specifically as a musician - 20%
  • My employer/colleagues would disapprove - 2%
  • I expect my employer to provide hearing protection, and these are not available to me - 2%
  • Other - 16%

*select as many as applicable