Since the scheme's launch in August 2016, we are proud to have helped over 4,000 musicians access affordable and bespoke hearing protection.



I could never have afforded access to advice on hearing protection, nor quality ear plugs without the scheme. My NHS GP offered next to no help. I am so grateful!


I seriously think this has been amazing and I have recommended it to anyone who would listen! Also, my hearing loss was not down to music  more an ongoing hearing issue, but I still wouldn't have noticed it or gone to the doctors about it if it weren't for this scheme.

I have bumped into a few musician friends who've also taken part in the scheme. Everyone seemed to have a similarly good experience of a very useful service.

Great scheme, helping to raise awareness about the importance of wearing hearing protection so many musicians take their hearing for granted until it’s too late!

The best aspect of the Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme is it's overall care for the protection of musicians who work in loud environments. For me, I did not expect the quality and bredth of the service received for the price - the best aspect is that not only do you receive professional hearing protection, the assessment and advice of professional audiologists is included as well. I really felt that the people I dealt with cared which was fantastic.


I feel fully supported by Help Musicians. They couldn't have been more helpful in any correspondence I've had with them.

I can have access to the quality of hearing care and protection that is appropriate and specialised to my work, which otherwise I couldn't afford.

It's an affordable service, good-quality ear plugs and hearing assessments that are crucial to our profession but are often overlooked because of the expense.

It has made so many people I know buy hearing protection because it has been made affordable. We all know it's something we should protect but when it's expensive we are put off investing in it.

The protection is high-quality for an affordable price. The service was really easy to deal with, staff were friendly and I was seen very quickly.

An affordable hearing test by a musician-specialist audiologist and being provided with top of the range hearing protection at a fraction of the price.

The opportunity to have my ears assessed in a completely professional environment.