To qualify for the scheme, your career in music must correspond to one (or more) of the below categories:

Please note: Unfortunately in most cases applicants under the age of 18 do not meet our eligibility criteria. If you are under 18 and believe that you do meet the criteria below please contact us via the get in touch page to discuss your eligibility before applying.

  • Agent / Booking Agent

  • Arrangers (Musical)

  • Artist Support Staff

  • A&R

  • Composer

  • Conductor

  • DJs

  • Instrumental and Vocal Musician

  • Instrument Manufacturer

  • Lighting Engineer

  • Manager

  • Mastering Engineer

  • Musical Director

  • Music Educator

  • Music Journalist

  • Music Librarian

  • Music Producer

  • Music Therapist

  • Other Music Charities

  • Roadies

  • Songwriter

  • Sound Engineer/Designer

  • Sound Technician

You must also be able to evidence that you have either earned the majority of your income from one (or more) of those roles for the past two years or longer, or that you have done so for a total of 5+ years throughout your career.