In April 2015, Help Musicians UK ran a survey to find about more about about musician's hearing. This turned into the #HearForMusicians campaign and the Musicians' Hearing Health Scheme we know and love today.

The aim of the hearing survey was to explore:

  • Musicians’ experiences of hearing problems
  • What help they sought and how effective it was
  • What their use, knowledge of and attitude to different types of hearing protection is
  • What services they would find helpful

693 professional musicians of all genres and types, singers and instrumentalists took the time to share their experience with us. 


The results confirmed that musicians are at increased risk of hearing damage.

  • 40% of respondents had experienced hearing loss
    • 78% of those said that working as a musician was at least one of the factors that had contributed
  • 50% were concerned about noise levels at work
  • 82% of respondents believe that musicians should use hearing protection, but only 67% have
  • When asked why they hadn't sought help for their hearing loss (select as many as applicable)
    • 39% - I believe that my hearing loss is an unavoidable effect of working as a musician
    • 30% - It hadn’t occurred to me that there might be a solution 
    • 26% - I don't know where to go
    • 16% - Treatment or hearing aids will be too expensive

Read more about the survey and the results.